New Top Test

This morning, I road-tested the new Acorn T-shirt. I wore it for a 4 mile run and here is my verdict:

The fit
The T-shirt sample that the club was given was a ladies medium (size 12) so a little ‘roomy’ on me as you can see from the picture. I would opt for a couple of sizes smaller if I were purchasing one for myself which means I would be opting for my usual size. Therefore, I think the sizing is accurate according to typical UK ladies clothes sizes which is a good start! Also, the T-shirt is shaped to be a little more flattering on a female runner which gives it a clear advantage over my current unisex Acorn vest that just hangs straight down from the armpits and creates a ‘box’ effect. (As you may be able to tell I have a complicated relationship with my current club vest!)

The material
The material seems to do a good job of ‘wicking’ away sweat. There was a small sliver of sun when I set out earlier but it is February so it could be argued that a more comprehensive test in summer conditions would provide more reliable proof in this department. On the inside, the material has a silky and smooth feel to it which is comfortable next to your skin. I also think that this stops the garment from riding up or bunching as you run which is a problem I have had with other running tops but did not experience with this one. I know some people looking at this sample were concerned that the seems inside are raised and may chafe: there was no discomfort to me from any of the seems that made contact with my skin during this run. Whether or not this could be an issue over a longer distance is unclear but there was no indication that this would happen.

The look
The colour is the typical strong Acorn red that we are all used to finished with black trims to neck, arms and side panels. I like the club name front and back as it will prevent us from being mistook for Selby Striders from a distance in a race. In addition, I think I would choose the option of personalising it by adding my name to the back too as it gets you supported a bit more by spectators during races!

The shirt looks good. It is a more flattering fit than a lot of the current Acorn vests we wear and it felt comfortable to run in. With the announcement from Graham at the AGM last night that the club will subsidise each new top by £4 for those entered in the Summer league this year too, it shouldn’t break the bank to get one!

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